Our buildings are not simply properties: they are our reputation and our future.

About Balco Commercial Corporation

Our Approach

Balco Commercial Corporation is a family-owned building development company in the GTA. Balco is part of a related group of development companies, including M&R Holdings, operating for more than 60 years in the industry. Over the past two decades, Balco has developed and built high-quality industrial buildings, with long-term ownership as our foremost goal. We design and construct our buildings with great attention to detail and the goal to exceed building and architectural standards. We seek to exceed industry standards for functionality, design, and our management approach is very hands-on at all levels. We believe that maintaining these high standards is good business both for us and for the people and businesses that call our buildings home: After all, our ultimate objective is maintaining ownership of our buildings, while satisfying our tenants’ many years into the future.

With the rise of e-commerce and a focus on logistics, Balco has shifted its focus to primary locations with proximity to highway infrastructure. Given the importance of transportation efficiency in the e-commerce world, direct access to highway networks is a paramount consideration for businesses.

Our Commitment

At Balco Commercial Corporation, we believe success in our industry is measured by longevity and stability under all conditions and throughout all economic cycles. Our many decades in the business have taught us the importance and mutual benefits of doing things well. We are dedicated and committed to improving the quality of both our new and existing buildings and our tenant experience.

Building Management

Balco engages M&R Property Management, its related management company to manage its buildings. M&R Property Management is dedicated to providing tenants with the highest quality service and committed to doing whatever it takes to maintain their buildings to the highest standards. M&R is well-known throughout the industry and currently manages a portfolio of approximately 20 multi-residential buildings and more than 20 commercial properties consisting of commercial, industrial and retail buildings.

M&R Property Management - http://www.mandrholdings.com/

M&R Holdings